Professional cleaning services in Dubai for leather car seat upholstery

If you have your own vehicle and you drive around frequently, you know the rigours that the interior is subject to on a daily basis. If you have children, keeping your vehicle clean and tidy can be all the more challenging. You have likely dealt with spilled drinks, scattered food crumbs, and stains forming on your car seat upholstery. These things can make your vehicle seat covers age faster.

Preserve the quality and appearance of your car leather upholstery with world-class upholstery cleaning from the most trusted name in auto detailing – DITEC Dubai.

Premium quality car upholstery cleaning at affordable prices

As one of the leading auto detailing companies in Dubai today, we offer quality cleaning for car leather seats and covers at prices that are easy on the pocket. We understand that most people do not have the time to tend to their car, more so its interiors. With that in mind, we have created service packages that provide customers with superior value for money.

Our car upholstery cleaning process includes a subtle treatment where a special solution is applied onto the leather upholstery for a deep cleansing effect. Following this, our specialists will use a conditioning formula to bring back the brand-new look of the seat covering.

Our trained field personnel understand the delicate nature of leather. We know that irreparable damage can take place on the material if not handled carefully. As such, we have trained our field personnel to practice utmost care when handling this delicate material.

Combining the latest technologies with tested and proven techniques

At DITEC Dubai, we aim to achieve absolute customer satisfaction in every transaction. We aim to achieve this by applying the best practices in our industry with cutting-edge technologies. By keeping updated with the latest developments in our industry, we make sure we provide our customers with the best solutions to their problems.

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